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Group Coaching

4202 Route 4 | Hudson Falls, NY      1638 Route 9  | South Glens Falls, NY


8-Week Group Coaching

Each Quarter our facility offers a variety of 8 week group coaching

classes. Setting up our clients and their companions for success through relationship-based coaching; our class environment is designed for not just the handler, but the success of the handler’s education, companion’s confidence, and overall long-term accomplishments. Our class sizes are 1:6/8 ratio. Each 8 – week session we will offer our four core obedience based classes and two specialty/behavior-based classes.


Classes will be offered Mondays,

Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

4-Week Recess Group Coaching

During our “off” weeks in between sessions – let’s have some fun with our 4 – week Recess sessions! During these sessions we will offer fun affordable and schedule- efficient classes for all our clients; of all ages and levels to join! These classes allow handlers to continue to work on their skillset between sessions, tune-up their skills, build a deep relationship, or even take on a new skillset they may not have known was there. Each 4 – week session will offer a different variety of classes to pick from.


Classes only offered Thursdays and Sundays.



For current clients of PAWS that have completed at least 2 sessions of classes – are welcome to join us from March through October for our REALITY group. Utilized as a management and maintenance for skillsets, REALITY offers training in real- life scenarios. On Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, we meet at various local public settings to work through 45 minutes of a wide variety of exercises to keep handlers and their companions sharp. All dogs are a continual work and progress, so why not offer a supportive, positive, and fun group environment in which both handlers and their companions for flourish.

Sunday Socials

For SOCIALLY responsible clients of PAWS, our Sunday Socials will be offered once a month – promoting healthy, balanced, structured socialization for both handlers and their companions. Our instructors will lead the large field socials for clients that wish to attend with their companions during their designated groups. This provides social confidence building. The duration is typically held for 45 minutes. All dogs are continual work and progress, so why not offer a supportive, positive, and fun social environment in which both handlers and companions can find proper socialization outlets.


Community Education

At PAWS, we look to provide our community with the industry leading education and knowledge. Through on-site and community based seminars and workshops we offer a wide range of educational opportunities. Owners Lora, Bri, and Jenn all offer various programs within varying areas of our industry in order to provided top notch education to you, our amazing community. Book a planning consult today with us! 

All Services & programs are final sale. No refunds.

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