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Private Coaching

4202 Route 4 | Hudson Falls, NY      1638 Route 9  | South Glens Falls, NY

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Companion Based Coaching

Our Companion coaching allows owners to work towards their personal goals through one-on one coaching with the K9 Coach that meshes best with their companion, their training style, and the overall goals they are seeking to achieve.


Companion coaching sessions are only held at either of our two locations and are typically an hour long. These can range in age, temperament, and the goal the owner is working towards.

Behavior Based Coaching

Our Behavior coaching sessions work to promote a healthy balance. Through working with our experienced coaches, we will give guidance on goals for client’s in their home environment as well as off-site locations such as stores, parks, trails, and neighborhoods. Behavior coaching locations are determined with the client and coach. They are typically 60-90 minutes long depending on the package purchased. These can

range in age, temperament, and the goal in which the owner is working towards.

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PAWS Purpose

Board and train

The Paws Purpose program is a live - in board and train program. Dogs enrolled in this program will live with Paws trainer, Bri Rabine for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks. During their stay, your dog will experience a fun, structured, safe, loving, and fulfilling environment that is ideal for learning and thriving. Bri’s goal is to find your dog’s PURPOSE. From there, we focus on building a solid relationship based on clear communication, trust, and cooperation.


Sports Based Coaching

During our sport-based classes instructors with a passion, experience, and who have trialed in a specific sport can help you navigate your dog’s next career path. These lessons are specific to you and your canine’s goals within the industry and should be discussed directly with your coach.


Below are some services we currently offer:

Scent work



Competitive obedience

Dock diving


Advanced Biological Understanding

Expecting pup program


All Services & programs are final sale. No refunds.

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