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Brianna Rabine and Lora Bacharach

Brianna Rabine and Lora Bacharach


Lora and her dogs Sadie, Golden Retriever, and Liam, Australian Shepherd

Lora working with a companion at the Paws for Obedience facility

Lora working with a companion at the Paws for Obedience facility

Lora Bacharach, ICAP_CDT, AKC Evaluator, TDI Evaluator

Lora is the founder and training president of Paws for Obedience. Her knowledge of basic/advanced obedience, AKC programs, therapy dog work and competitive training allows us to offer a wide range of training opportunities to you and your canine. Lora’s patience and creative approaches allow her to teach and progress with you and your dog.

Lora first started working with canines when she was 16. As any young girl wants, she begged to own her dog. Dooley, her childhood dog, gave her the inspiration to pursue her passion. She began working as a kennel girl and dog walker at a local boarding and training facility. She found her passion watching the owners of the facility train dogs. Lora later began working at Petco as an associate trainer then  moved to Paw and Hand Obedience, a competitive facility, to teach pet level classes. Here she found her true love within competitive, AKC programs, and therapy dog work. For the last two years, Lora has been an associate trainer at Upstate Canine Academy.

Today, she owns two of her own dogs, Liam, the aussie, and Sadie, the golden. She has won multiple titles and continues to work to achieve more. Both Sadie and Liam are certified therapy dogs.

Lora has earned multiple certifications herself, including AKC trainer/evaluator, TDI evaluator, and IACP-CDT. Her passion for her students and their canines shine through in every class she offers. Her 10+ years of experience brings a fun, balanced training technique that best fits you and your canine companion.

Bri and her dog Miles, Pitbull

Bri and her dog Miles, Pitbull (pictured center and right)

Bri and her dog Miles, Pitbull (pictured center and right)

Bri and her dog Miles, Pitbull, playing in the park

Bri and her dog Miles, Pitbull, playing in the park


Bri's compassion and appreciation for the great outdoors lead her to her love and understanding of animals. She grew up with dogs, cats, horses etc... and she always felt like part of the pack. Bri feels a special connection, understanding and bond with each animal she comes in contact with. Bri has been exploring and hiking the Adirondack Mountain Preserves since a young age and she says "My adventures are never complete without a canine companion by my side, to be free in the great outdoors is a blissful, soulful experience for myself and every canine I've had the pleasure of exploring with." Bri spent over a year in the city of Baltimore, Maryland where she continued her journey and became more involved with canines by volunteering at local animal rescue and adoption shelters, landing a lead Pet Tech gig at a local Dog Daycare & Boarding facility and most importantly rescuing her sidekick, Miles (a euthanasia listed dog with health and behavioral issues)  who has inspired her to help as many dogs and owners as possible!

From walking packs of adoptable dogs to evaluating their behavioral skills alongside professional dog trainers in chaotic city, shelter and daycare settings, Bri gained a great deal of knowledge and compassion for helping dogs achieve balance through exercise enrichment, clear communication and an understanding of canine behavior as well as each dog's individual needs. "A balanced, strong relationship is what every canine and owner should be striving to achieve. This can only be reached through correct exercise, training to build mutual trust and respect and of course an understanding of the canine language. Bri, and Paws for Obedience is here to assist, teach, educate and guide you to achieve a quality life with your dog! Bri has been professionally working with canines for 4 years ranging from puppy obedience classes all the way to extreme behavior modification. Bri’s experience, knowledge, passion, love and guidance has helped hundreds of dogs and owners throughout the region.


Marj and her dog Jake, by the water

Marj Johnson: IACP Affiliate, AKC Evaluator

I grew up on Long Island where my family raised German Shepherds. My mom breed and showed them. As a young child I spent more time with dogs and puppies than I did with people. My bond with them all was so strong that all of my childhood memories revolve around dogs. I also was learning to become a competitive conformation dog handler. I competing for about 4 years, showing German Shepherds. I loved every minute of it. It was going to be my lifelong dream, but than my family decided to end their ties with breeding and showing and that’s when we moved to Saratoga Springs in my late teens. 

I have had many dogs since then, but realized my love for golden retrievers when my husband surprised me with a golden baby girl named Kate in 2005. Kate quickly became my heart dog. She was so special to me and our bond was very strong. I lost Kate in 2016 to kidney disease, and that’s when I found Jake. I’ve said many times, when I first saw Jake, he crawled in my lap, I cried my eyes out and we went home. The rest as they say is history. Jake has awakened my love for competing with dogs. Together we’ve been going to dog shows and competing in Obedience and Rally competitions. We’ve earned several titles already. I love spending time with him. We also trained and earned our Therapy Dog Certificate. We’ve visited schools, hospitals, nursing homes and of course libraries. We’ve really enjoyed doing that. It is so rewarding to see people respond to Jake and his infectious love for life. 

I feel very fortunate to become a part of the Paws family. Working and learning with Lora and Bri is a bit of a lifelong dream for me. I truly feel like I’m going back to my original roots. Doing something like this is something I was supposed to do my whole life. I look forward to working with everyone at Paws. Just look for me and my golden side kick with the fluffy tail.


Brittany and her German shepherds, Koda and Kenai

Brittany Allen: Train and Care Handler, Aspiring IACP & AKC Evaluator

Growing up in Upstate, NY I was always playing and adventuring outside, most often with our family dog by my side. I grew up with dogs and always knew life wasn’t complete without one. I now have two brother German shepherds, Koda and Kenai. We love camping, hiking, swimming, playing frisbee and tug and snuggling up while reading books. Having dogs of my own really inspired to me to get out of my comfort zone, adventure and try new things. I became passionate about getting outdoors and experiencing new things with my dogs and watching them learn. I didn’t realize at the time that I was learning from them. I got my first dog related job at a daycare and pet sat on the side. I love watching how the dogs connect with nature and it’s inspired me to do the same. I enjoy watching them learn and helping my dogs gain confidence and work through new situations. I think we should learn from our dogs to love more, worry less and appreciate the little things. I’m excited to start this new journey with Paws and would love to grown and learn as much as I can to help people and their dogs learn from each other.