PAWS Specialty classes

At PAWS, we want you and your companion to enjoy every moment of your training journey! Have you already taken basic obedience classes, but looking for something fun, exciting, and out of the box for you and your pup to do? Check out what Specialty Classes we offer!


Get Sniffing

Tap into your dog’s primary instinct; their nose! Get Sniffing is the first level of three nosework classes we offer at PAWS. This class will begin to teach your pup the foundations to nosework through box and treat detection.


Keep sniffing

Once completing Get Sniffing, the first level of three options at PAWS, you can begin to add mild scents to it paired with food. The searches become a little more difficult and exciting!


Sniff expert

The final level in our three level nosework class is to become a Sniff Expert. During your Sniff Expert class, searches will be conducted inside, outside, around cars, and be scent based. This class will also begin to prepare you for competitive nosework if desired.


trickster Companion | Tricks with Taylor

Is your dog a trickster? Find out and learn some awesome ways to keep you and your pup entertained any season of the year! During your tricks class, Taylor will guide you and teach you beginner level tricks advancing you to intermediate and performer tricks. At the conclusion of the class you will have the option to test your Trickster skills and earn AKC titles in tricks. This class is offered at various times throughout the year. Check our schedule for the next class and become a Trickster with your companion today!

paws short courses

Each year PAWS takes a break from you “run of the mill” obedience classes and offers their 4-week short courses. These 4 week short courses are offered in the summer and in the winter. Taking training to a fun, engaging, and exciting level, the short courses offers owners something more than just a class. A few examples of our short courses are swimming, engagement, FUNdamentals, Relay courses, and many more. These classes are offered on a seasonal basis and last 4 weeks long.


healthy paws series

Each year PAWS holds their Annual Healthy PAWS series. This 7 week program offers audit spots as well as working spots. Our primary focus for each year is to find fulfillment within our community through education, engagement, and fun exercises. We focus each week on a topic that brings awarenes to the best way to be the best you can be for your pup and your relationship. Check our Facebook as we announce the 2020 Healthy PAWS series.