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Foundations First.

Every house is built on one right? So why not build your relationship on a strong one also. Foundations look different for every person, relationship, and dog. This may mean we are working to build your companion up, build in more drive, tone down drive, or just a healthier cleaner state of mind. Some may see their foundation as the beginning - basics obedience, simple skillset; while others may struggle with a foundation of environmental confidence or social confidence. Whatever it may be, it is time to build in a solid and strong foundation for you and your companion to start in with. This process can take time, patience, and most importantly understanding from one another.

Begin with asking yourself what is the purpose of the training you are about to do? From this you will need to continue to ask yourself how will I achieve this until you have broken this into the smallest and simplest exercise to execute - one that will bring you and your companion success. This is where you begin. This is the foundation.


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