NTYDM Week Five: Make It Fun

Week Five: Make it Fun                                                                                                               NTYDM2019

Work hard, play harder; keep this on repeat in your head. Training shouldn’t be a task, it should be something you look forward to! As we come to the end of our National Train You Dog Month mini blog, we take the time to ensure you are enjoying your training together! Training shouldn’t be a chore, negative, frustrating, or stressful, but rather the most bond building and great moment with your companion. We know that it does become negative, but why? Many times we create the stress and frustration. It is not healthy for your relationship or the goals you have set forth. Check out our five steps to making it fun!

1.       Make it Routine. Creating and reinforcing good behaviors in your dog’s every day routine helps with consistency and management of good behaviors. You can do this by simply asking your dog to sit before going outside, having them wait for their food, or even with play! Sit down and look at your daily routine and determine what you can create!

2.       Positive First. When creating a behavior and enforcing it in your routine, be sure it is a positive exciting time! Remember to see the good behavior and REWARD. All too much we see owners that focus on all the bad and negative their dogs are doing, but forgetting to reinforce the good!

3.       Play a Game. Create games with your dog that incorporate good behaviors you’d like reinforced. You can play hide and seek, monkey in the middle, and fun recall games. All of these take the frustration out of training while building your relationship! When your dog sees you as the FUN they will want to be with you more! Who doesn’t want to be the center of their dog’s world!?

4.       Know When to Stop. Let’s be honest, when our dogs succeed we want them to continue to have success. This can also be a disadvantage to your dog. The “One more time” effects our dogs in such a negative way. Why? Because we tend to take it to the extreme. For example, the dog could have 3 great recalls in a row, we then want to push for another…and another….and another. What we are doing this, waiting for the dog to fail. Get those three AWESOME successes and call it a day!

5.       Always End on a Good Note. End your training with play sessions, fun tricks, a game, anything that makes the dog want to come back for more!


We hope you enjoyed our mini blog in celebration of National Train Your Dog Month. Next month we will return to our monthly blogs! If you have any further questions please feel free to email us.