One-On-one Programs

Sometimes a class environment isn’t the place learning atmosphere. Our one-on-one programs offer private training with one of our experience trainers to work through specific behaviors you and your companion are struggling with. Once you have set up a consult with us, we can personalize a training plan specific to your needs.


Beginner One-on-one

Consult/Eval 1/2 hour FREE

Companion Tune Up 1 private $70

Basic PAWS 3 privates $180

Advanced PAWS 5 privates $300

Advanced one-on-one

Consult/Eval 1/2 hour FREE

Confident PAWS 7 private $430

Super PAWS 10 privates $600

In-Home Greater Glens Falls area $80/hour

PAWS Behavior | Price determined at consult | Behavior Consult required | $50

Some dogs need a little more help than others when it comes to behavior concerns. At PAWS, we help dogs of all breeds, ages, and behavior issues. Behaviors can include, reactivity, aggression with dogs and/or people, under confidence, anxiety, leadership, and more. If you feel your pup is in need of one on one assistance due to behavior, contact us today. During your consult we will derive a personalize training plan for you and your pup to be the most successful. We will schedule an hour consult to determine the behavior and the extent of this.

PUPPY kick-start ONE-ON-ONE | $180 | 3-privates

Is a six week class too much right now? Is your puppy not quite 12 weeks, but you want to get a kick start on their manners? Don’t feel like a class atmosphere is the best option? Not to worry, we are now offering kick start puppy one on ones! These personalized private lessons allow you and your companion to work with a PAWS trainer one on one. We have found that sometimes creating a more personalized lesson plan, gives you, your companion, and your family the time to work on specific behaviors. These lessons are scheduled on your time schedule.

Adventure Off-Leash lessons | 3 privates | $300 | 5 Privates | $400 | 7 Privates | $500 | 10 privates | $700

Ever wonder it would be like to have complete off-leash control of your dog? Do you like to hike and take your pup on adventures with you? Our off-leash programs are designed specifically for clients that have trained with us and are ready to take their obedience to the next level. A consult is required if you have not trained with us. During this program you will be guided to the proper use and safety of having your dog off-leash in various environments.