puppy raising program

Our Puppy Raising Program gives you all the resources to start off on the right paw with your newest furbaby! With these programs, you can determine what is best for you and your companion to have the best success, lifelong manners, and a strong relationship.


Puppy Head start video series

Our Puppy Head Start Video series will be launching spring 2019. This video series will be an option for purchase for new puppy owners. When purchased, you will receive an 8-week video series that works you through various beginner puppy behaviors. Behaviors that will be taught are crate games, name game, sit, down, baby recalls, potty games, and more!

Puppy STAR Class

Our Puppy STAR program is a six week program that promotes all the essential training needs of your puppy. Such as, Crate and potty training, basic commands and leash skills as well as puppy play time!  This class is for puppies six months and under. Upon the completion of your six weeks, you will earn your AKC Puppy STAR certification. Each class is designed to focus on a topic with commands based around each discussion. We limit this class to ten puppies per class.

Included in your class:

6 week class, Puppy STAR certification at completion of class.



Puppy one-on-ones

Is a six week class too much right now? Don’t feel like a class atmosphere is the best option? Not to worry, we are now offering kick start puppy one on ones! These personalized private lessons allow you and your companion to work with a PAWS trainer one on one. We have found that sometimes creating a more personalized lesson plan, gives you, your companion, and your family the time to work on specific behaviors. These lessons are scheduled on your time schedule.

Puppy Pre-school

This exclusive service is offered to our puppy clients. Puppies must be between the age of 12 weeks and 5 months old. All vaccines must be kept up to date during their time with us. Crate and potty training must be started and being reinforced at home for enrollment.

Our | PUPPY PRESCHOOL| Program is a school for puppies and offers a fun, educational and safe atmosphere for puppies to spend their day while you are busy! Unlike your typical - free for all -  doggy day care, this service provides organized activities and a daily schedule for each puppy in order to meet their needs, much like sending your child to school for the day . This program is only offered on Tuesdays at this time.



basic puppy raising package

$280 (value of $300)

PAWS Puppy Headstart video series set of 6 videos

Puppy STAR class 6 week class

Puppy Pre-School 1 Trial Day


advanced puppy raising program

$440 (value of $470)

PAWS Puppy Headstart video series

Puppy STAR class 6 week class

Puppy Pre-School Package
6 package of puppy preschool T-Th


complete puppy raising program

$680 (value of $730)

PAWS Puppy Headstart video series

Puppy STAR class 6 week class

Puppy one-on-one 3- 1 hour lessons

Puppy Pre-School Package
10 package of puppy preschool T-Th