PAWS Day Programs

Our PAWS Day Programs are created with you and your companion in mind. During your dog’s day with us they will have one on one obedience training, structured socialization, pack walks, brain games, group training, and downtime. Each day your dog is with us, we will work on items that you are struggling with, maintain behaviors you enjoy, and allow your dog to have a fully structured day. We offer an adult Train & Care Program for our current, dedicated, training clients. Our puppy Preschool Program is offered to puppies that are currently or recently enrolled in our Puppy STAR class. For consideration in either please email us to set up a consult.



This exclusive service is offered to our dedicated, well mannered clients that have been through lessons, classes and training with Paws for Obedience.

Our | T R A I N & CARE| Program is a school for dogs and offers a fun, educational and safe atmosphere for dogs to spend their day while you are busy! Unlike your typical - free for all -  doggy day care, this service provides organized activities and a daily schedule for each dog in order to meet their needs, much like sending your child to school for the day .

Day Activities Include:  

  • Treadmill Sessions

  • Pack walks

  • Structured Socialization

  • Individual training lessons

  • Play sessions

  • Brain games

  • Fitpaws fitness and Conditioning

 *We DO NOT allow rowdy play, barking, rough housing etc..

*Exclusive to training clients only


This Program is offered Monday through Friday.

Drop off: Between 7:30am-9am   Pick up: Between 3pm - 5pm

Cost: PER DAY: $40 | 10 DAY PACKAGE: $320


puppy preschool- fall registration open now!

Our Puppy Preschool program is available to all puppies recently or currently enrolled in our Puppy STAR companion class. This program is held once a week, Tuesdays, as a day program where your puppy is with us for the day for six weeks. During these six weeks we work through various obedience skills. These coincide with what is being taught in class. At the conclusion of your puppy’s six week, we will determine if another six week program is available. At this time we will also graduate your puppy from our Preschool Program. This is open to our training clients with puppies between the ages of 12 weeks and 6 months of age. Each puppy enrolled in the Preschool Day Program will receive a series of videos describing what is being taught while with us. These videos will be posted on our PAWS Puppy Preschool Facebook Group.

Day Activities Include:  

  • Reinforcement of Crate and Potty Training

  • Introduction to Basic Commands

  • Downtime (crate time is essential for puppies)

  • Individual training with our Preschool Teachers

  • Structured Play Sessions

  • Brain Games

  • Free Shaping and Conditioning Manners

 *We DO NOT allow rowdy play, barking, rough housing etc..

*Phone or Email Consult REQUIRED


This Program is offered Tuesdays

Drop off: Between 7:30am-9am   Pick up: Between 3pm - 5pm