beyond puppy programs

Our beyond puppy programs are designed to give your companion the essential tools it needs to be obedient during their adult life. These programs help begin the proofing and generalizing process with your companion and their training journey. For the respect and safety of our clients, their dogs, and the importance of building a strong relationship with you dog while training, we do not allow nose to nose greetings, unless specified during training, or play of any kind.


BASIC Manners Program | $320 value of $380

D-O-G Manners 6 week class

Manners Tune Up 3 private lesson


COMPLETE Manners PROGRAM | $520 value of $580

Leash Foundations 6 week class

D-O-G Manners 6 week class

Manners Tune Up 3- 1 hour private lessons

D-O-G Manners | $200 | 6 week

Does your dog overall listen well, but those manners are just not where you want them to be? Does your dog not have good public manners? This class is the perfect fit for you and your companion. We will focus on manners such as greeting others, leash skills, attention and engagement, basic foundations, and games to play!

Included in your class: 6-foot leash, weekly homework handout, martingale collar

LEash Foundations | $200 | 6 week

Do you struggle to just have a handle on the leash? Looking to have stress-free, peaceful walks with your companion. Then this 6 week course is just for you. Our Leash Foundations course focuses solely on leash skills and having enjoyable walks. We will cover basic body language, cues, handling skills, and fun games to play during your walks to keep your pup (and yourself) happy and enjoying every moment.

Included in your class: 6-feet leash, weekly homework handout, training tool of your choice

Rally Doodling | $180 | 6 week

Looking for a fun way to proof and engage with your dog? Rally obedience (also known as Rally or Rally-O) is a dog sport based on obedience. Unlike regular obedience, handlers proceed around a course of designated stations. The course consists of 10 to 20 signs that instruct the team what to do. This fun class helps build your relationship and who knows…you may want to compete some day!

Included in your package: weekly homework and packet