Advanced Classes

These are our Advanced level classes, ideal for experienced dogs and handlers who want to take their companionship to the next level. Our Advanced classes help bring your training journey full circle. For the respect and safety of our clients, their dogs, and the importance of building a strong relationship with you dog while training, we do not allow nose to nose greetings, unless specified during training, or play of any kind, with the exception of our Puppy Pre-K. During Puppy Pre-K we do allow puppies to interact in order to learn proper and supervises social time at the conclusion of each class.


Advanced Companion

Our Advanced Companion program is designed to work advanced students within high level distractions, off-leash, and advanced obedience. This class offers the option to earn the AKC Community Dog certification. Our class is centered around our students in respects to exercises performed. Owners must have previous training or have taken our Basic Companion program. This is a six week program.

Included in this class:

6 week class, CGCA cert, 4 reality drop-ins

Adventure Dog | Off Leash group class

This class is specifically designed and geared toward dogs and owners that have already previously been through one on one off leash training programs to maintain their off leash training and reliability. During this one hour, educational class, our main focus is explaining and understanding off leash reliability, off leash structured socialization, off leash engagement  as well as off leash etiquette and safety. Consult required. This class is held May through October and is weather dependent.


Structured Socialization

Taught by PAWS Trainer Bri, our Structured Socializtion class teaches not just your companion, but the handler how to properly handle social situations. This course is designed with behavior as it’s focus. Bri will walk handlers through various exercises and demonstrate structure, relaxed, and controlled social situations. This is a six-week class that is offered at a continuous rate. Consult required. Held October through April on Tuesday evenings.

Competitive Handling | Run Throughs

Our Competitive handling class is for novice level and up competitive students. This class includes run-throughs of both obedience and rally. Our show experienced instructors will help you and guide you on your competitive adventure with you and your dog. Throughout this class you will learn the foundations of competitive obedience, engagement games, Competitive level heeling exercises, attention work,  nose-work,  retrieves,  jumps and so much more. This is a six-week class that is offered at a continuous rate. This class is structured for those that plan to compete or already in the ring.